Thursday, June 9, 2011

Choopth and Toot

One thing that is way new to me is this whole "i'm a real person and have my own opinion". There is no sitting AJ down and saying "this is what we are doing"... no. My little firecracker wants to do it his way, all the time. Today I said "stop being a wienie whiner"... his reply? "You're a wienie whiner" Touche, Aden. Touche.

He points me in directions (from the stroller or car seat of course) on our walks and car rides. You know, because I am not his mother and don't know directions. He knows best. That whole 2 years he has been alive... he has mastered the city of Columbus.

The names he comes up with are downright hilarious. Chips and Juice has turned into "Choopth and Toot." Charla Rae has turned into "Sha Ray", Lizzie into "Yiddie", Ice cream into "Hi Keen", Spoon into "moon" and the best- berry yogurt (he will only eat raspberry yogurt) "Buhhdy Yoga".

If he thinks something is a good idea, he will try to convince you of it. "Ice cream? Yeah? Yeah!" (nodding his head vigorously) "No, no ice cream honey" "ICE CREAM! YEAHHHHHHH!" Good luck trying to get that out of his head. Somehow he got introduced to the wonderful world of ice cream and has no plans on leaving anytime soon. Let's see, he got red hair from his dad, a crazy personality from his dad, a mean streak from me, and a sweet tooth from me. It's like God just said, "let's take every bad trait from both of them and create a child for them to watch while they go to school full time. It will be hilarious." Thank you, we deeply appreciate this.

My favorite thing right now is our nighttime ritual. We do bathtime, at the end of which he backs his naked self into me and lays down for a teeth brushing (you ever seen a naked baby back that thang up? Awkward and hilarious!) then runs into his room naked- screaming like the little gremlin he is. He gets dressed for bed and we pick out some books, do some puzzles, play with trucks and whatnot. When I put him to bed, every single time, without fail, his voice gets about 3 times higher and he says "bye mommy!!!! bye honey!!!! night sugar!" and blows me a kiss. It makes my day.
(by the way--- Katie Bentley, if you read this.. Aden kept pointing to that woman and saying "Katie! Katie!" over and over again. )

On a serious note,

I've found myself clinging to Aden since I got back from Nashville. I feel like Aden is what I have right now. I cannot explain how much I missed him this quarter. There were so many times I cried myself to sleep because I only got to see him for a few hours during the day. The worst part is, it's not going to get any better. Luckily this summer i'm taking an online class and my other two classes are only 2 nights a week, but in the fall... I don't even want to think about it. I'm not sure if many people know this but I'm not only getting my associates degree, I'm getting my bachelors in animal science and minor in business at OSU. I waited until I was done with all of my general classes with my associates and now I'm onto the rest of my general classes with OSU. I'm looking at 18 credit hours and an internship this fall, if things go well. It's going to be a lot of really hard work but if this is what it takes to give my son the life he deserves, I will do it. (by the way, with all these degrees I'll be looking for a job in veterinary pharmaceutical sales)

I miss being a hermit. I miss staying in my house, not worrying about what I look like, what i'm doing over the weekend, etc. I miss being boring. Mostly, I just miss structure. I feel like I'm just going day by day, not knowing what is going on or what is going to happen next. Someone take me back to the baby days where it was just Aden and I at home all day with a set feeding schedule and no noise but the sound of his swing putting him to sleep.

It's going to get better. It's going to get better. It's going to get better. It's going to get better. It's going to get better.

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