Thursday, June 2, 2011

Doopy Books and Elmo Socks

Since I went out of town last weekend and then had class late on Tuesday and Wednesday, I hadn't given Aden a bath in a week. (I don't make him sit around in his own sweat, his dad gives him a bath.. I think.) Bath time has always been one of my favorite times just because he loves it so much and is an absolute goofball. So of course, I made the mistake of looking forward to giving him a bath.
Right before, we were in my room playing and he walks into his room and starts asking for socks. I'm kind of used to this by now considering one of his favorite things to do is have me put socks on him, leave them on for 4 minutes, and then throw them across the room. I just kind of ignored it and started getting things ready for his bath.

He got a little whiny so I thought suggesting going into the bathroom for his bath would help. Wrong. The breakdown begins. It got to the point where I had to carry him into the bathroom and stand in front of the door. He was getting a bath. He had been outside all day and i'm pretty sure there were 8 different layers of dirt on his feet. I put him in the tub and he flung himself onto me and just kept crying and screaming. I knew he was tired but wow. This was the worst 2 year old tantrum he has had, by far. Finally I sat on the edge of the tub, sat him on my lap and started washing him. This is when I started to understand what he was saying. "Elmo socks". He was crying for his rainbow socks with Elmo's face on them. The $1 pair of socks I bought at Target last christmas. My kid just cried for 20 minutes because he wanted to put frickin socks on.

Then, after that he got mad that I didn't read him the "doopy" book. I have no idea what the doopy book is. I called Ryan frantically "WHAT IS THE DOOPY BOOK!? HELP ME! I JUST NEED THE DOOPY BOOK!" Turns out- no one knows. He settled for "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie".

Someday I will be able to understand him. Until then, here's to the doopy book and elmo socks.

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