Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Imagination Station

Today Aden and I went to Imagination Station in Toledo, Ohio! We met up with Courtney, her two kids Ada and Akay, her family, Lauren and her mom and her son Jack, and Nikki and Amethyst. Ada, Jack, Amethyst and Aden were all born in March 2009. It was seriously attack of the two year olds.

We left at about 7:45am, I actually packed/ planned everything the night before so I could sleep in as long as possible. I had to wake Aden up so we could leave on time. Good thing he's a morning person. After getting on the road, I noticed that somehow I had Aden's (yes, I'm sure it was his) pee on my shirt. I don't know why and I don't know how, but it was there. I always wondered why so many people where mom cardigans. Now I know. Thank you, Gap Mom Cardigan, for covering up my sons urine.

Shortly after I solved that problem, Veggie Tales would not eject from my CD player. That would be fine besides two things. 1) I have had a cd stuck in my cd player before. It was Kanye West. I almost killed someone. 2) It was bible songs. I can only hear how the b-i-b-l-e is the book for me so many times. I'm aware that joshua fought the battle of jericho and the walls came tumbling down. Luckily, kicking the dashboard worked like a charm. Lullaby renditions of kanye west, coldplay, and no doubt replaced the nasal-ly singing vegetables. I am okay with that.

Not much excitement went on during the 2 hour drive. Aden was awake the entire time. I may have given him a piece of chocolate for being so awesome. He's 2. Bribes and Rewards totally work now.

Things we learned at Imagination Station

1) Aden doesn't play with things. He runs around them. No explanation needed. He simply just likes to run laps around things that other kids enjoy playing with.

2) New obsession : Firetrucks. He would not leave the play ambulance and play firetruck alone. He put on the hat (backwards, duh) and thought he was the coolest kid around.

3) Aden should work at a grocery store. He can work an apron.

4) I should not.

5) Apparently I stand like a flamingo, all the time.

6) No two year old eats their lunch (hooray! I thought Aden was the only one)

7) To make the giant piano work, you have to jump on it. Curse you Tom Hanks & BIG for making it look so easy.

8) "Family Restrooms" means a big counter and a miniature toilet that is impossible for big people to use. I don't care if you're offended, I'm taking my boy into the restroom with me and using a normal sized toilet.

9) I want my own hurricane simulator.

10) I need longer shorts. (see picture of me in child's apron)

We had so much fun with our Marchie Mama's! Can't wait to do it again soon!

All Photo Cred's to Courtney and Nikki!!! Thank you for not slacking like me!

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