Saturday, June 4, 2011

Update: The Doopy Book

I found out what the Doopy Book is.

"No, David, No". Apparently David = Doopy. He was "reading" the book today and kept saying "doopy! Come back! Come back here!" (When David runs naked down the street) So there we go. Doopy Problem Solved.

We actually got to have a nice, relaxing bath complete with a Towel Toga. What? Your parents didn't make you a toga out of your bath towel and march behind you saying "TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!"? That's unfortunate for you.

One thing that amazes me about AJ is his ability to find food. The other day he had an almond in his hand. I don't even think we have almonds here. He also found an easter egg filled with jelly beans, a bag of oatmeal squares, and for awhile he was somehow getting sour skittles. I'm not sure if he hoards that stuff or what but it's amazing.

New favorite thing to do is feed the dog uncooked macaroni. It's the only thing he can reach in the pantry so he'll grab a handful and leave a little trail. Teddy totally eats it. Poor dog. I think he is sick of eating the yogurt and oatmeal squares off of the table. Him and Ted are still bff's. Aden recently learned that the dog knows how to shake. Teddy will be laying down under the table trying to sleep, and Aden will run over, crawl under the table and yell "TEDDY SHAKE! TEDDY SHAKE!" and grab his back leg and move it up and down, laughing hysterically. Teddy is on suicide watch.

On Friday, I was making my bed and Aden went downstairs. I come down a few minutes later and find Aden sitting on a chair outside, "reading a book". I swear he is a 5 year old. He beats me up, he goes H.A.M. when he plays sports with his dad, and he chillaxes by reading books. I mean, Ryan can throw a ball at him and he will hit it with the bat.

Cannot wait until the bat becomes a weapon.

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