Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Cool" Mom

You know, I really used to think that I was going to be a "cool" mom who would never embarrass their child. And then pictures like this happen:

and I realize... Aden is going to hate me someday soon.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Super Clean

It's that time again! The busy, depressing, lonely, middle-of-the-quarter time when I barely get to see my baby. I can't exactly complain (shocking, I know) because I love school, I love my job, and Aden is having the most fun hanging out with his dad. It would bug me less if he wasn't so dang cute all the time. You know what he says his name is? "Anen Tiger RAAAAARR!" One can only hope when going to his first job interview he introduces himself as just that. Roaring included.

Aden is freaking phenomenal at "sports". And yeah ,I'm going to be the mom that posts videos of things you really don't care about seeing my son doing. In my eyes it is my precious little redhead hitting a baseball better than any 2-3 year old around and winning at life. In your eyes its a kid hitting a ball on a tee.

I've gotten over the whole "hating people I know when I see them out because i think they are judging me" thing. It is way more fun to hear their comments about it. Sure, I get the "dang girlll I feel bad for you" or "where is Aden now?" (actually ma'am I left him sitting on the side of the road in a puppy costume. he's got a sippy cup of lemonade- he's good.) but for the most part, people are really understanding and positive. Who doesn't like hearing that their kid is cute? The one I get the most- probably from 90% of people I run into- is "It's great to see you out!" It's so sweet but it always makes me laugh. I swear I do things. I don't just sit around by myself weeping. If I don't have homework and Aden is at his dads, what else am I going to do? Girl has got to have homies.

Anyways, potty training is slowly making an appearance into our lives. I can now get him to sit on his potty pantsless. Does that count for anything? He really hates being wet/dirty but he does not freaking get the point that all of it belongs in the potty. Speaking of.... you know what ruins a day reallll quick? fecal matter on a bed. Diaper malfunctions are the worst kind of malfunction.

Aden is all into cleaning lately. He has always had a thing for the broom (who doesn't love a good broom?) but now it's the vacuum. Correction, now it's the "super clean!" Tell me how he got "super clean" out of vacuum. Please. He throws things at the super clean to try and get it to "come after" him. Poor super clean.

As for my job, I love it. I love the people, I love the environment, and I really love being able to tell disgusting stories. Who doesn't want to hear about an amputee cat or a dog with a gaping hole in its back? Now THAT is great dinner conversation material.

Aden is getting awesome at his alphabet and learning letters. Evidence:

And here is a video I took one morning for Kayla. Apparently her dogs name are "woof woof woof", "Bento", "Rinnie", and "Yado".... I'll let her know. She's been calling them the wrong names for years.

AJ also has a new bff. Rufus. Aka Roofies or Rupert. Get the two together and it's like dumb and dumber. Aden spent 30 minutes chasing big ol' bulldog rufus around with mike the lawnmower. You know that clip from south park with paris hilton's dogs that all killed themselves? I have a feeling Aden might have a book like that someday.

p.s.- You ever heard a 2 year old say "mongoose"? Try it. You'll like it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Family Swim Day

I've said it 500 times and i'll say it again. We like books. Aden will sit there for half the day and flip through pages of his books. Today I took some books that used to be mine and put them in Aden's room.

First of all let me tell you, all that was in there were books about how the body works, solar systems, and a bunch of world atlas books. Add that in with my rock collection, microscope, and this school picture...

... and you would have thought I grew up to be some kind of socially awkward genius.

Look at me now, mom and dad!

Yesterday was family swim day. Ronnie (see previous post if you don't know who that is) invited us over for a swim and luckily both Ryan and I were able to go and take Aden. I don't think I have ever seen a kid more in love with his dad. I knew they were going to be a lot a like but I didn't realize they were going to be the exact same person. We took turns catching Aden in the pool and bronzing (ryan wear's tanning oil, just to let everyone know).

We tried to take some family videos of Aden jumping from the couch onto my back but alas, Aden pulled my dress up and even though I was wearing bathing suit bottoms, it's still probably not classy to put it on my blog. Because you know, everything I do is classy.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Life is Apples.

I'm one of those really annoying, overly excited parents who goes h.a.m on celebrating things that Aden does that I want him to continue doing... i.e, throwing trash away, cleaning up, reading books, working hard... you know, the reg. Usually I say "awesome!" or "good job!" Well now it's coming back to haunt me.

Aden decided that everything is awesome. Except he can't say awesome. So he says "apples".

Lately, things have been pretty apples around here. With swimming (which involves Aden jumping into the water over and over and over again until mommy's back gives out and everyone laughs at the crippled teen mom) and jeeping and rainy day movies.. i've been diggin' it.

For the first time in about 2 months i'm having a quiet weekend. Last night I played LIFE with Kayla- can we just make it clear that I was an "entertainer" (aka stripper) that lived on the beach with my husband Jamal (thank you kayla) and I STILL won at life. Kayla had like 9 kids- and today I relaxed at the pool all day and finished some work for microeconomics. By 3 I was wondering when my relaxing day would be over so I could get my boy back. What do people do when they don't have kids? Do they just sit there? What happens when they leave? Do they still get tired? How do they sleep if they aren't tired? Is drinking involved in every activity?

AJ came home with ants in his pants. Would not sit still. I'm pretty sure all he had for dinner was watermelon and a banana and a half. Good quote from Ry - "We're a little late because I tried to physically shove food down his throat. It didn't work." Really? that didn't work?

My family is apples.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ronnie, Monkey, and Sha Ray

It has finally happened. Aden tells me he loves me. There is nothing better than putting him to bed and hearing him say "Wuh Boo Mommy". Wuh boo too baby. Wuh boo too.

I am back in school now, after my two week break. I'm taking vet surg tech, small animal health and disease, clinical applications, and microeconomics (darn business minor). I'm technically only at school tuesday nights and thursday nights- which I love, I missed my aj so much- but have a LOT of online work to do. The first day back from school I did 20 homework assignments. 20. Not exaggerating at all. The sad thing is, that didn't even make a dent in what I have to do the rest of the quarter. Talk about overwhelming.

AJ finally really enjoys his jeep. (aka he lets me sit in it and drive it while he sits next to me). You should watch us in that thing. Aden and mom tearin' up Columbus. Today we sang some Pearl Jam and drove up and down people's driveways. I hope people appreciated seeing a baby in a diaper and a mom in her bathing suit driving in a toy car. They should probably just put wheels on our house, I think we're at that level now.

Aden also came up with this horrendous "hitting" game. He hits me really
hard right in the middle of the back and runs away. Then tries to get me to hit him back. One time I lightly tapped him back to see what he would do and just got full on attacked. Bad choices by everyone.

Once again, Aden was too tired to see the fireworks. He just cannot stay up past 9. I'm fine with it, but considering my family was out of town, my fourth of july was a little bit depressing this year.

Today, Aden and I rode some escalators, read some books, and turned in the last few bits of paperwork for my new job as a vet assistant (holla back!) at VCA Mill Run. After, we celebrated by getting ice cream. Typically, I get him a bowl but I decided to be one of those fun parents that lets their kids get the cone. Turns out Aden can beast a cone. When I was little, all I remember was being miserable with a half melted ice cream cone and sticky hands. Aden got the sticky hand part, but pretty much devoured the ice cream (and then asked for more). He seriously even held the cone by himself. Am I the only one who is proud of him for that? Probably.

The best thing about watching Aden learn to talk is hearing the names he comes up with for people. Ryan's mom is Gammy, my mom is Nonny, my dad is Pop, Ryan Mccurdy (ry's bff) is Ronnie, Mike (Ryan's other bff) is Monkey. I think Ryan and I will forever refer to them as Ronnie and Monkey now. Enjoy that, guys. Lizzie = Yiddy, Kayla = Cah doo, Daryn= Don, Aunt Kaitlyn= Katie, Charla Rae = Sha Ray (he got all hood on that one), Aunt Liane = eenie. There are so many more.
He's reallll good at shapes and colors. For some reason he knows pink the best (so sorry Ryan, seriously) and then red, yellow and blue from that book "Mouse Paint". He will sit for 10 minutes going through the book over and over pointing to the colors saying "raaaad, yeddow, blue!" The video will totally prove the shapes statement.

A lot of people ask me about potty training. Aden is 28 months and really just not ready to lose diapers. I don't stress about it too much (diapers don't bother me too bad- my life revolves fecal matter and other bodily functions anyways, both human and animal) but eventually he WILL be potty trained, I promise. Until then, this is what I deal with from AJ on a daily basis (no, there is no picture of anything disgusting.)