Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Super Clean

It's that time again! The busy, depressing, lonely, middle-of-the-quarter time when I barely get to see my baby. I can't exactly complain (shocking, I know) because I love school, I love my job, and Aden is having the most fun hanging out with his dad. It would bug me less if he wasn't so dang cute all the time. You know what he says his name is? "Anen Tiger RAAAAARR!" One can only hope when going to his first job interview he introduces himself as just that. Roaring included.

Aden is freaking phenomenal at "sports". And yeah ,I'm going to be the mom that posts videos of things you really don't care about seeing my son doing. In my eyes it is my precious little redhead hitting a baseball better than any 2-3 year old around and winning at life. In your eyes its a kid hitting a ball on a tee.

I've gotten over the whole "hating people I know when I see them out because i think they are judging me" thing. It is way more fun to hear their comments about it. Sure, I get the "dang girlll I feel bad for you" or "where is Aden now?" (actually ma'am I left him sitting on the side of the road in a puppy costume. he's got a sippy cup of lemonade- he's good.) but for the most part, people are really understanding and positive. Who doesn't like hearing that their kid is cute? The one I get the most- probably from 90% of people I run into- is "It's great to see you out!" It's so sweet but it always makes me laugh. I swear I do things. I don't just sit around by myself weeping. If I don't have homework and Aden is at his dads, what else am I going to do? Girl has got to have homies.

Anyways, potty training is slowly making an appearance into our lives. I can now get him to sit on his potty pantsless. Does that count for anything? He really hates being wet/dirty but he does not freaking get the point that all of it belongs in the potty. Speaking of.... you know what ruins a day reallll quick? fecal matter on a bed. Diaper malfunctions are the worst kind of malfunction.

Aden is all into cleaning lately. He has always had a thing for the broom (who doesn't love a good broom?) but now it's the vacuum. Correction, now it's the "super clean!" Tell me how he got "super clean" out of vacuum. Please. He throws things at the super clean to try and get it to "come after" him. Poor super clean.

As for my job, I love it. I love the people, I love the environment, and I really love being able to tell disgusting stories. Who doesn't want to hear about an amputee cat or a dog with a gaping hole in its back? Now THAT is great dinner conversation material.

Aden is getting awesome at his alphabet and learning letters. Evidence:

And here is a video I took one morning for Kayla. Apparently her dogs name are "woof woof woof", "Bento", "Rinnie", and "Yado".... I'll let her know. She's been calling them the wrong names for years.

AJ also has a new bff. Rufus. Aka Roofies or Rupert. Get the two together and it's like dumb and dumber. Aden spent 30 minutes chasing big ol' bulldog rufus around with mike the lawnmower. You know that clip from south park with paris hilton's dogs that all killed themselves? I have a feeling Aden might have a book like that someday.

p.s.- You ever heard a 2 year old say "mongoose"? Try it. You'll like it.

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