Monday, September 26, 2011

Aden's a Prince(ss)

Oh my gosh. It has been almost two months since I have posted- possibly the longest I've ever gone without updating this. Summer quarter was probably the most hectic quarter I have had so far (well, until now) and along with my job I just found myself too lazy/tired to write anything.

Aden started daycare about a month ago. Reason:
Monday- usually I work 7-2, then class at 5.
Tuesday- internship 8-4, class at 7-9
Wednesday- internship 8-4, class 7-9
Thursday- DAY OFF (though last week I had to go into my internship)
Friday- usually I work a split shift, 7-2, 3-7
Saturday- work 7-2, and if I work treatments, 5-7
Sunday- if i work treatments, 8-10am then back at 4-7.

Thankfully, he loves it. Ryan has a pretty good schedule so luckily Aden never has to stay at daycare more than 5-6 hours. One day I picked Aden up from daycare and he was sitting in the middle of the floor with a book reading and his friends were sitting all around him listening. And somehow he has worked his magic so his teachers pick him up and snuggle him when I drop him off. Though he loves it, he sure isn't a morning person. I generally have to wake him up at about 6:00am and he usually always says "no wake up mommy. no wake up" making me feel like the worst mom in the world.

Aden is hilarious now, he is a non stop talker and he has a fantastic sense of humor. The only thing I can complain about is that he is exactly like his dad. (no offense Ry) Apparently Ryan had an ungodly amount of energy when he was little and has now passed that trait onto his red-haired son. And Aden's temper...well that one is my fault... but oh my goodness he is all about temper tantrums right now. Hitting, kicking, screaming. Everything. I can't tell you how many times he has smacked me right across my face. Who would have known being bitch slapped by a two year old could hurt so bad. Those sausage fingers do NOT play around.

He also has a dangerous obsession with blocks. It is the ONLY thing he will do. Do you know what it's like to have to build with mega blocks ALL DAY every day? The problem is, you start out making these nice, elaborate towers. Aden walks away after a little bit but you get so into it that you just keep building. Then out of nowhere, Aden karate kicks the tower (onto you) and knocks it down and you get SO mad that he just ruined your perfect tower. After awhile you start stacking 5 or 6 blocks and call it a house. If you somehow manage to complete a house, you're forced to have a "birthday party" with the numerous little people. Basically Aden's
version of a birthday party is stuffing as many little people into a house as possible and then singing "happy birthday to you" (poorly) and then knocking the house down. I dont know what kind of birthday parties he has been going to, but that sounds like a straight up terrible time.

AJ has also successfully(?) transferred into a big boy bed. He goes to bed fairly easily but most nights wakes up at 3 or 4 and comes into my bed and starts poking. I honestly cannot stand him sleeping with me, a. because his little tiny body gives off the most heat that any body has ever given off. and b. because he sleeps horizontal in my bed. Actually last night, he tried something new and climbed on top of me to try and fall asleep. Literally, climbed onto my back and fell asleep. I'm not sure if he is trying to snuggle or claim my bed as his own but either way, it was not working out. Then he made me take his jammies off. And that's when I decided that sleeping nakey in my bed was not gonna fly. Luckily we got one of those torture devices that
you put on the door so AJ can't get out of his room. Whoever invented those needs a big pat on the back. If Aden needs me, he knocks (okay, throws himself into) the door and I come get him. It totally works.
Aden's not potty trained, not close to it, not interested, and just not ready. He is really into bodily functions right now. He came home from Ryan's the other day and goes "Daddy, big poop. BIG poop"... I don't know what those boys do all day, all I know is that I don't want to be involved. He doesn't even hide the fact that he is pooping anymore. He stands in the room and makes eye contact with you like, "yeah. i'm pooping in the living room. deal with it". Someday, I will get him to sit on the potty. Someday.

AJ also has a hat fetish. He likes birthday party hats, woody hats, anything. Yesterday he put on a tiara and a necklace (leftover from me from last halloween) and came up to me and goes "I'm a princess. Where's my earrings?"... Well then. Talk about things you wouldn't think you'd hear from your two year old son... And dont think I didn't give him the earrings. I did. And the ring. And he looked fancy. Sometimes, he asks me to put nail polish on his fingers. And guess what? I do. It's not that I want a girl or anything creepy like that. Aden is exploring different things and finding out who he is. Why should I tell him he can't do something because it's "girly"? The kid wears a necklace. So what? Guess how many guys I know that wear necklaces? A LOT. Granted, they aren't pink pearls, but whatever. Aden works it.

He can identify his shapes, colors, almost every letter in the alphabet and is prettttty good at counting (four and six are often left out). At the grocery store, the cashier asked if Aden could say his ABC's. Aden replied yes. She asked if he would say them for her and Aden replied "A. B. C!" way to be a smart ass Aden.

I mentioned my internship earlier, well let me explain. I am an intern at Nationwide Children's Hospital Research Facility. Primates, mice, rats, frogs, fish, chinchillas... all things that I work with. They have 15,000 mice.. talk about not being afraid of those things anymore. Basically i'm not going into it too much because it's pretty controversial. Testing vaccines and whatnot. It is super interesting and I can't wait to watch some surgeries and stuff. To be honest, the hardest part is walking through the hospital and having to see all the sick kids. It makes me feel unbelievably guilty that I have a perfectly healthy son.

Anyways, everything is going pretty well, besides the fact that we are unbelievably busy. Only a few more quarters of this, then I am free!