Sunday, October 16, 2011

Everybody Waffles.

This morning I told Aden we were going to eat waffles. This was his reply:

Here are the lyrics: "Waaafffles. Waaaafffles. Everybody Waaaafffles." Because you know, everybody DOES waffle...? It sounds a lot like the Clean up song. And "Everybody" comes out "yeah buddy". I'm not sure how he came up with it but you can bet that "everybody waffles" is going to be a 2011 Hit Song.

Also, Aden had to have the amount of football he watches restricted. He does a three point stance, wait until the quarterback hikes the ball, runs a lap, and then tackles whoever is on the floor. He did it for the entire 2nd half of the OSU game. Mommy and Papa were exhausted. So now everytime football is on he just gets way too worked up to handle. Imagine Dick Butkus as a toddler.. with red hair. Run far, far away.

Oh and mom fail of the day: Finding orange play doh lodged up into your son's nose. Play doh had to be put away due to eating it, regurgitating it, inhaling it, and stuffing it up the nose. It was a long day.

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