Saturday, July 7, 2012

Conversations with Aden: July 2012 edition

I allow Aden to go to the bathroom alone. Is that weird? Not public ones, but when we are at home he just does his thing. Apparently i'm a little too trusting with him being in the bathroom alone.

This evening he went to the bathroom, as per usual. I hear a flush, again, normal. he comes and watches TV. Cool.

5 minutes later, he gets up, goes to the bathroom again, flushes, comes and watches TV. Odd. But okay. By the way, we are watching Elf. In July. Whatever.

3 minutes after the second trip, he goes to the bathroom and I hear a flush and some water running. Okay. Not normal. He comes out and I ask what he's doing in there. In the smallest voice he said "I just wanted to paint my nails.." Oh. My. God. AGAIN!? I go into the bathroom and luckily there is no nail polish on the floor or counter or towels this time. Apparently he had snuck a bottle out of my purse. and painted his nails.

Aden: "I just really like you... I like you so much. I like your nails. I like you"

Good explanation. Time out still ensued.


As Ryan was walking out the door, Aden came upstairs pants-less. I don't really know or question what those two do, but when either of them comes around pants-less, i can't help but question. Ryan obviously saw the puzzled look on my face and said "I tickled Aden so hard he peed his pants"... before I could ask any questions, he was out the door. So I asked Aden..

Me: "Did your daddy tickle you so hard you went potty in your pants!?"
Aden: "Yeah.."
Me: "That sounds pretty silly!"
Aden:  "NO! It was TERRIBLE!"

Oh. Okay. Well, thanks Ry for giving AJ PTSD.

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