Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Things You've Missed: Part 1.

In the almost year long hiatus, Aden has been racking up some great stories for me to put on my blog. I wrote half of them down in a notebook, others are stored in my memory somewhere, and the rest I just flat out don't remember.. my bad.

Things That Happened:

-Aden Joefus Kiger Turned THREE!
           He also started referring to his middle name, Joseph, as "Joefus". For Aden's birthday, Pippa and I figured it would be a GREAT idea to take them to a nearby indoor water park for the entire weekend. Thus developing what we have now termed "the weekend from hell". We spent two nights in a 1 bed (for pippa and I) with 2 bunk bed hotel room. I'm not sure why we thought the kids would go to bed easily... but they didn't. Both nights it ended up both kids and Pippa and I in one bed. As much as I have tried to erase the memory from my head, I still remember at least one of the kids waking up twice a night screaming bloody murder. I'm not sure, but I think Aden fell off the bed at some point.
           Really, so many things went wrong. The fire alarm started going off during breakfast, forcing us to take our shoeless kids to the freezing lobby, we couldn't keep the kids wrangled and in the same vicinity in the waterpark, our hotel room smelled like my great grandma's bedsheets... It was so bad we called Ryan the second night and begged him to come help. Being salty that this was a "mom's only" trip, he immediately rejected the idea. The last night, we ordered food and brought it up to the hotel, using the bed as a dining room table. I have never been happier to get home and shower. That was NOT a hotel. It was more of a campsite. Never. Again.

-Potty Training
           I seriously think I had been half-assed (no pun intending) potty training for a year. All of my friends- especially the ones with girls- had their kids potty trained at 2. It seriously got frustrating because it's not even like he was trying. He just did not understand the concept. I don't think Ryan or I even had to really try TOO hard to potty train once he was ready. He caught on very quickly and we haven't had many accidents (other than him peeing on the floor at a restaurant). Seriously, if your kid isn't ready, don't push them. It just makes everyone frustrated. I will say that to get him to go #2 we had to bribe him with ice cream. But that's because he would ask to put on a diaper JUST to go in.

          There was a time when Aden was at daycare, 4 days a week. Aden made so many new friends, but not before biting and hitting and screaming at all of them. (His first couple weeks there were rough.. but after the transition, and a change of teachers, I never received a poor report again.) Thankfully, after this quarter, my schedule won't be so janky and different. When he has to go back, it will be a different place, and not for long. I'm still anti-daycare.

          The little guy is an absolute fish. He has no fear of anything. He'll jump in without a life jacket, need to be pulled up by Ryan or I, and then do it again. He knows how to hold his breath for a second, enough to jump in by himself with a life jacket on, and how to doggy paddle. He hasn't had any swimming lessons just yet, but I'm not fully convinced he will need any. I didn't have swimming lessons when I was younger and I don't think Ryan did either. So far he has been a great teacher. However he did have the *fantastic* idea of slowly cutting out pieces of the life jacket, making Aden less dependent on it.

Me : "Ryan, I don't think that's safe. They probably make life jackets where you can take foam out of it or something."

Ryan: "We don't need one of those! Just cut it out, it's fine!"

Seriously. More to come.

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  1. Primrose in Worthington (on High by J Liu), G goes there for "preschool" (aka daycare but saying that she's in daycare makes me sad) and we love it. I stayed home with them for SIX YEARS and I can't say anything bad about Primrose. Check it out.